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Pistachio Kernels

Experience the epitome of excellence with our Pistachio Kernels, meticulously produced and traded at Larinuts. We offer premium Greek pistachio kernels, either Whole or Halves. Our extensive selection encompasses all the cultivated Greek varieties, ensuring a diverse and flavorful experience. Subsequently, our Aegina-style pistachio kernels are distributed both domestically and internationally at wholesale prices. Delight in the rich taste and unparalleled quality of our pistachio kernels, sourced directly from the heart of Greek agriculture in Thessaly and available for bulk purchase worldwide.



  • Commercial name: Pistachio nut kernels (Shelled pistachios)

  • Sort: Natural kernels Whole or Halves

  • Grades: Whole and or Halves

  • Variety: Pontikis, Nychati

  • Origin: Greek

  • Taste: Sweet in raw or roasting process

  • Color: Green-Red skin and inner green kernel

  • Process: Raw

  • Fumigation: According to clients request

  • Packing method: PP bags, Carton boxes with plastic foil

  • Net weight: 25 kgs, 10 kg

  • Shipping information: on europallet (720-750 kgs), 20'' container (12.000 kgs), 40'' container (20.000 kgs)

  • Comments: Suitable for raw, roasted consumption or confectionery and cosmetic industry.

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