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Κελυφωτά Φιστίκια

Greek Pistachio
Processing and Wholesale

From the Fields to Your Business


Pistachio, Almonds, Walnuts

Leveraging Larisa's central location and convenient access to our facility area, we diligently acquire, process, promote, and standardize carefully selected varieties of Pistachio, Almonds and Walnuts sourced from across Greece. Our processing adheres to both the highest European and international standards.

Pistachio, almonds and walnuts

Field to the final product

Empowering farmers specializing in pistachios, almonds, and walnuts, our services streamline the journey from harvest to market. Entrusted with their yields, farmers bring their fresh produce to our facility, where we specialize in expert processing. From shelling pistachio kernels to sorting and packaging pistachiom almonds and walnuts, we ensure the transformation of their harvest into refined, top-quality products. Our commitment lies in preserving and elevating the essence of their labor to meet the highest standards of excellence. Certified by ISO 22000.

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